Girls and Technology

The need for early spatial reasoning intervention for girls is noted in research, Spatial reasoning skills are usually acquired in early childhood if exposed to spatial stimuli (drawing, puzzles, building blocks, erector sets, video games, etc.) Manipulates that are usually geared toward males. I utilize fun hands-on activities to introduce the field of STEAM to girls, who may not explore technology as a viable career path.  “Working with Girl Scouts has been a great way to get girls interested in STEM and Technology Careers.” They will learn that Lego ® is not just for boys.  I hold Girl Scout workshops and provide Girls Scout STEM badges when available.


  with LEGO and Scratch


Scratch is a free online and offline software program that is an easy drag and drop program that works well with LEGO Bricks. We use the Motorized Mechanisms battery packs and motors to make our LEGO models spin and move.  Scratch Offline has motor functions that work with LEGO.