What are Konneckt IT STEAM classes?

Steam Classes are Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math enrichment sessions that engage students in hands on learning in a creative student driven activity.
Q. How long do the after school classes run?
A. After school classes are 6 weeks and usually for 1 hour. Parents are welcome to stop in early to see what their child is learning.
Q. What can I expect in a 3 hour 5 day camp for my child?
A. Campers will have several activities. They will not be at the computer the entire time. They will have LEGO building activities, play games. make something like a craft, and sometimes have 10 minutes outside, if there is a playground available.
Q. Do I need to bring a snack to camp?
A. Campers will need a snack. If they have a special diet, you will let the teacher know and it will be documented on the registration form. We do not allow peanuts in our classes in case there is the possibility of allergies.
Q. What If I am late picking my child up?
A. You will get the text number of the teacher and she will know via text you cannot be on time.
Q. Is there a sibling discount?
A. There is a sibling discount for classes and camps of $20. You can have second child pay a reduced tuition for camps and classes. Pay the camp for one child and pay the second child the day of camp.
Q. Can I get a second Child Discount for classes and camps?
A. Pay for the first child and send me an email with the classes and camp names, dates and time along with your children's child's names. I will send you an invoice for the first day of the session.
Q. Is there a discount for all day camps?
A. If you register your child all day there is a $35 discount 2 camps will be $235 for the Day. Please pay for one camp and email me so that I can put your child' name on the other Camp Roster. You can pay the balance the day of Camp.
Q. Do you offer early drop off or late pickups for Camps?
A. If you need to drop off early or pick-up late, we often have 8:00 a.m. drop off and 5:00 p.m. pick-up times. Any child needing an early drop off will need to bring something to eat and play with so that camp instructors can finish setting up for the day. The cost will be $5 for the hour. Campers picked up later than 4:00 p.m. will be assessed $5 to cover the cost of the teacher's overtime pay.<br /> page. If you would like to enroll in early drop-off or late pick-up, please call or email Robin.KonnecktiT@gmail.com
Q. Do you accept children of all abilities?
A. If you feel that your child has special needs that you would like to discuss, just email me or call anytime.
Q. Do we need to fill out registation forms?
A. We need registration forms to be filled out before the day of class or camp. We need phone numbers so that we can contact you in case we need to contact a parent or grandparent.
Q. Can my child stay for Lunch?
A. We do not provide a lunch but offer lunch-hour supervision. Children enrolled in both sessions are welcome to stay during lunch at no extra charge. Please send a lunch and something to read or play with, so the facilitators can set up for the afternoon session.
Q. Can I drop in to visit during the Camp or Class?
A. Camps and are designed to provide a creative learning individual experience. So, you may visit the camp, however, your child will be working with their interests and talents and may not do everything that another child would like to do. This is not one size fits all camp. We expect different outcomes for each child. We welcome parents to visit, to see what the child is experiencing. If your child has special needs that require special supervision, we are<br /> happy to work something out with you — please call or email in advance.
Q. How do you handle Peanuts?
A. We are a nut-free zone! Please do not send snacks or lunches with nut/peanut products. This includes peanut-butter. Some campers may have allergies. Thank<br /> you for being considerate in this matter!
Q. What is expected behavior in Konneckt It camps?
A. We teach teamwork in our camps and classes. Occasionally a child has to be reminded to “Be Safe”, “Be Respectful”, or “Be Responsible” Usually it is simply a matter of getting to know each other and the children are engaged in having fun, learning, and building. We will remove a child if they are not getting along with others. We regret having to do this, but we reserve the right to do so, to ensure a healthy behavior experience for all<br /> our campers.
Q. Do you provide snacks?
A. We suggest to bring your own snacks since you best know what your child likes. I do provide a snack in case they do not have one for the day. It is usually a pack of chips and no added sugar drink pack. 100% juice.
Q. Can my Child bring their own LEGO?
A. The only time a child can bring their own LEGO is in Comic Illustrator and Stop Motion Animation since they are making a personalized movie. Please od not bring a toy or LEGO that can get mixed up with the camp supplies. We have everything that they need for the camp and class.


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